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Landscape Construction & Installation

Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, South Tampa and More

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727-677-1333 or 941-315-8900

JRJ Landscaping Company

Landscape construction is an area that requires careful choice of service providers. Most building and construction firms will claim to offer landscaping services when they are not specialized. They will, therefore, end up not implementing the design of your landscape.


JRJ Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that offers you the best construction services in accordance to your needs. We will provide a diverse range of services for all the customers.

We specialize in:

  • Landscape Installation

  • Sod Installation

  • Plant and Tree Installation

  • Site Prep

  • Grading

Contact Us For An Estimate:

727-677-1333 or 941-315-8900

Private landscape construction

JRJ Landscaping will help in the installation of individual landscape designs at your home. However small the scope of work, we will show up and deliver the service to our best in line with your design specifications. For people making their home improvements and want to incorporate a landscaping design in your compound, get our trusted services for a beautiful landscape.


Commercial landscaping installations

 If you need landscaping design to be done on your business premises, then we are there for you. We make your business environment look nice and attractive through our exceptional landscaping works.


Residential landscaping: Real estate investors will not hesitate to design their landscapes to make the place a choice of many. If you have already finished or not yet started the construction, then its right time you should hire our services to offer you're the solutions to your landscaping dreams.


Professional Landscape Construction Services Offered


JRJ Landscaping gives the customer a wide range of landscaping construction services to choose from. We have done our customer needs assessment over the years and prioritized all landscaping construction concerns. Some of our landscaping construction services you can hire are as discussed below:


Trees and Plants

We are specialized in the construction of landscaping designs as provided in your design. We can use almost all the materials provided by our clients. We install beautiful patterns and styles, taking care of the type and colors. Depending on the customer budget, we will advise on the best and affordable landscape construction materials. Your house need to be attractive, and that's what we offer in our company.


Site Prep & Grading

When your yard area is not at level, you may need to have site prep or grading done. We can get your site ready to install your landscape design.

Landscaping sod installation

As part of landscaping services, we install your choice of sod where people can play, relax and rest. 

Contact Us For An Estimate:

727-677-1333 or 941-315-8900

Why you should choose our landscaping construction services


If you are looking for a company to hire to implement your landscaping design, then there are several reasons why you should get our team of experts to accomplish it.


We offer landscaping construction services at an affordable price. Our prices are reasonable and will fit every customer's pockets. We will advise you on the materials and designs which you will not struggle to pay. This does not mean that we will offer substandard services. We will strive to make sure that your needs are satisfied. Our services at the top with prices unmatched with our landscaping competitors'.


The landscaping construction will be done by staff who have undergone full training in our areas of service. We employ a team of experts will skills ranging from masonry works, lighting installations, among other areas. We are a specialized company and will give you the best landscaping services to professional standards. Our staff is creative and has many years of landscaping experience. You're therefore guaranteed works of very high quality. We also have an experienced customer service team that handles all your concerns as a client, such as inquiries on price, timelines, and even services.


We use the best landscaping materials to do our landscaping construction. We have done a market search and profiled materials with their strength to guarantee durability. We, therefore, chose the top materials combinations which give the best look for your landscaping needs. Our materials range from woods, metals, stones, pavers, and plastics. We make sure that the materials we use are environmentally friendly and have no effect on the environment. We choose the easily degradable recycled plastics, which do not become a hazard after installations.


All our services are also warranted, depending on the materials used to construct them. The decks, pavement, patios, and driveways have different warranty periods. You will, therefore, be able to get free repair services after doing the construction.


Our landscaping services are reliable and dependable. We have earned a reputation in the market, and therefore you can trust that we will work within our work plan and timelines. We share our work schedules with the client so that they can appreciate the speed of our service delivery.


Our services are also insured. In case any damage occurs during the construction, you will not be liable. Our insurance firms will meet all the costs. We also have health schemes that take care of any site injuries of our staff third party.


We have also complied with all government regulations, and our company is certified. This has been due to our many years' experience and the provision of quality work to all our clients.


Therefore, if you are looking for a landscaping company to hire to do your construction, then you are in the right place. We can handle both small and large projects from commercial to residential clients. We do not discriminate customers. Get our services, and you will not regret it. We will work with you through your landscape project and help you achieve the best in making your landscape beautiful and attractive.

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